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Meet the Sky Chef

I’m a Chef, “The Sky Chef”. I’m a newbie to Dubai but not to the region or expat life because my passion for food, traveling and discovering new cultures, people and markets has taken me all around the world to over 130 countries and hundreds of cities in 5 continents into an amazing culinary and life experience journey I could only dream of some 20+ years ago. That is why I have to agree when they say “be careful what you wish for”.

I define myself as a travel addict with a very strong passion for the culinary cultures of the world and that is why I’m always on the road searching to discover new products, flavors, aromas, sensations, people, markets, experiences…That is what all is about, EXPERIENCES!

My Culinary journey started in the city of Buenos Aires, the Capital of Argentina, in 1997 when I finished my Secondary School. I studied to become a Cook and Cuisine Specialist 3 years while doing my trainings, stages and working around the most important hotels and restaurants, then was when I was sure that my life was going to be driven by food for the rest of my life.

In the year 2000 I spent 3 months in Punta Del Este, a famous fashion coastal city in Uruguay doing an international festival with the best Chefs in the world at that time at the Conrad Hotel & Casino, including Michel Roth, who cooked the last meal for Lady Di at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. If I had an appetite for traveling and discovering the world, that experience with such important figures didn’t do more than pushing my desires even further.

In 2001 it was the time for my first experience really away from home, in Europe, I moved to London to work at the Intercontinental Hyde Park Corner and it was an incredible time, suddenly I was every day working with live lobsters, scallops, langoustines, tasting fresh grilled Foie Grass and the best cheeses from France, discovering the black Truffles from Perigord, I felt a bit like “Ratatouille”.

After a year, I fall in love for first time and I decided to go back to Argentina, spent around 4 years trying to find myself between Buenos Aires and Patagonia, I even open a small restaurant. I tried hard but I never found myself fulfilled and happy, I knew there was a different world waiting for me, it looked distant but I decided to fight for it! In 2005 I moved back to London (my second home), I took a job in a small restaurant and that helped me to pay back my debts and start fresh. Before leaving London, I had an interview that will change my life completely, I was interviewed to become a “Sky Chef”, a traveling Onboard Chef for the First Class at Gulf Air… in 2006 my story in the region started when I moved to Bahrain, for a year and a half I travel nonstop around the globe, French food in Paris, Thai food and markets in Bangkok, Chinese in Kualalumpur, chili crab and street food in Singapore, sushi in Japan, safaris and wild meats in Africa, and even visiting the Opera House in Sidney, were some of the amazing destinations and experiences I was able to enjoy, I was discovering the world, I was feeling alive again!

By 2008 I moved to Abu Dhabi and spent a year redesigning the whole kitchen, menus and operational processes for the Airline Catering Company, everything looked organized in my life but another big challenge will be put in front of me when I got my mentor and creator of the Culinary School where I study asking me to move to China to work with him. I couldn’t say no!

Shanghai was not an easy stop, it was a big challenge and it was difficult to manage the frustration, but I learned a lot about life and about myself. I decided to quit but did not leave without traveling all around China. Then I went back home and took a sabbatical to backpack around South America without time and without a return ticket, the best experience in my life, something that I would recommend to anyone at any age or stage or life. Slowly after that, I started to search for a new adventure, something that motivated me to go back to work, and I was asked, are you interested to work in South Africa? Africa?

Something inside me felt like that was the right move, another place I never thought I would be visiting, again will become my home. A year in South Africa, half year project in Tanzania and nearly two years in Ethiopia created some of the most amazing and unexpected memories of my life.

In 2013 I returned to Europe to open a Regional Research & Development Center for an international catering company part of Lufthansa Group, I was based in Germany but I was traveling all around the region to support the teams with international customer’s menus design, menu presentations and also leading some very special and cool customer’s events.

Around 2016, I was in a very quiet stage of my life and I felt that I was falling too deep into my comfort zone and I decided that was the right time to take another sabbatical and travel my country from South to North and East to west, getting back in contact with my family, my friends, my roots and connecting with the people and the history and traditions of my land, but as you can imagine the story did not ended up there. After a year around Argentina, I decided to backpack around Asia cooking with the locals on the street markets and discovering a culture that always attracted me a lot!

When I was traveling in Asia, the opportunity to work for a Cruise company come up, and the following questions came to my mind…I cooked on land, I did cooked in the air…why not also cook on the ocean? It was a good time for a new challenge, for something where I can use my know how and the skills I developed during my career, but also an environment that will kick me out of my comfort zone.

From 2017 and before Covid started, I have been living in the ocean and traveling from ship to ship, from Antarctica to Alaska, from the United states to Polynesia, and from Europe to Asia, ensuring the safest and highest quality of food is served to our guests and also providing culinary training coaching to our Chefs, including some special projects and Latin food festivals…

Now in 2021 and I have started another new chapter in my life and Dubai is becoming my home. I’m very excited about being here, the first months have shown me that there is a lot of likeminded people that is on the search of new challenges and experiences and that is why we started with Lama this partnership to bring everyone in Dubai with GoPackMe some amazing food and traveling experiences where we can share our passion and learnings in a relaxed and friendly environment, always with some exiting surprises!

Looking forward to meet you all very soon, we are planning some incredible things for the upcoming months, so stay tuned and Bon Appetite!

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