We’ve done a fair bit of group travel in our time, that’s how we all met! And we love the fact that although you may land as a solo traveller, you always come back from an adventure with genuine friends. Our mission at GoPackme is to get your adventure started before you leave for a trip with us. We’ll coordinate a community which allows you to meet face to face with your fellow trip-mates in advance of you actually heading off. Meaning that those who share the trip with you are familiar faces you already know. All of this is done with the ambition of making group travel more accessible and inevitably more fun. Some of the best trips we have been on were inspired by hearing about them from other travellers. We want to keep passing on that inspiration to others, and invite you to share your travel stories and tips with our community and future travel buddies.

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Terms & Conditions

  /  Terms & Conditions

Participation in any GoPackme.com trip is voluntary. All travelers are requested to disclose any health conditions, physical or otherwise, which might bring potential risk to themselves, the tour leader or organizer, or other tour participants.

Travelers must have sufficient travel insurance cover in place to adequately cover any incidents arising from your participation in the tour and therefore accept all responsibility for your own health and welfare. Travelers are responsible for the safety of all equipment and items in their possession during GoPackme.com tours.

In consideration of the right to participate in any GoPackme.com tours, travelers hereby assume all risk of illness, injury, property damage, or death, and hereby release and discharge GoPackme.com and their agents and associates from all actions, claims, or demands for damages resulting from your participation in any GoPackme.com activities. This release of liability shall be binding upon the traveler, as well as upon their heirs, executors, and all members of their family including any minors accompanying them.

All pictures and videos taken during GoPackme.com’ trips by GoPackme.com staff and agents are the property of GoPackme.com. GoPackme.com reserves the right to use these images/videos for advertisement purposes and will publish them on GoPackme.com social media sites and official website. Videos recorded during the trips can be used in all future GoPackme.com’ projects including travel shows and documentaries. If a traveler wishes not to be included in these pictures or videos they need to inform Escape Travels in writing at least one week prior to the trip’s departure. This request is to be emailed to hello@gopackme.com with the traveler’s full name and the trip name.

Refunds Policy

  • 21 days or more before the departure date – $50 cancelation fee per traveler deducted from refund.
  • There will be no refund for cancelations made within 20 days of the departure date.

If airplane tickets are included in the trip, additional flight related cancellation fees will apply.

Request for Refund

A request for refund has to be submitted in writing by email to:

In the email, please give us your booking confirmation number and trip name. Travelers will be refunded in the same way their payment was made. All applicable transfer fees related to the refund will be deducted from the refunded amount.

Visa Rejection

It is each traveler’s responsibility to arrange his/her visa for all trips.

In the event that your tourist visa application gets rejected and you are unable to attend, you are required to send us a request for a refund email (see above).

The same refund timeline is applicable for all refund requests. All travelers are strongly advised to have all visa formalities finalized at least 1 month before departure.

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