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Mangroves & Beach BBQ

  /  Mangroves & Beach BBQ

Mangroves & Beach BBQ

AED500 / per person
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Mangroves & Beach BBQ

The Ajman mangroves are a nature reserve vibrant with local wildlife and home to 58 species of birds including pink flamingos. We will kayak through the mangroves and experience the beauty and tranquility of this place.

Friday 8th October

We will meet at the Mangroves 3pm as this is when the tide is higher and more wildlife can be spotted. Our tour will take 2 hours as we meander our way through mangroves and waters.

After kayaking we will head to our private beach camp where we will spend the rest of the afternoon soaking in the beach vibes with a GoPackme style BBQ feast into the night.

Ajman is less than an hour drive from Dubai and car pooling can be arranged.

What is included?

  1. Mangrove kayak tour with guide
  2. Entry for private beach and BBQ
  3. Water & Soft Drinks

What should you pack?

    • Snacks/Water
    • Shoes for kayak that can get wet
    • Beach Gear (Swimsuit, Sunscreen, Hat, Towel, Toiletries)

Please contact hello@gopackme.com or whatsapp 0551796272 for more info.

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