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Albania Mania – Eid Trip! (SOLD OUT)

  /  Albania Mania – Eid Trip! (SOLD OUT)

Albania Mania – Eid Trip! (SOLD OUT)

AED3600 / per person
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Albania Mania

This year Eid Al Adha is set to fall on Tuesday, July 20th, giving us five days to explore Albania. We’ve teamed up with Escape Travels for our Albania Mania trip!

Albania is one of the few destinations in Europe that combines its historic roots in their daily life. The country is characterized by a fascinating history, beautiful stone towns, spectacular wonders of nature, breathtaking mountains, archaeological heritage sites from Illyrian, Roman, Greek and Ottoman times and delicious traditional Albanian cuisine. All these unique characteristics give it the nickname of Europe’s unpolished diamond.

Tuesday 20th July – Saturday 24th July

Day 1

Mireseardhje and welcome to Albania! It is a short but beautiful drive to the mountainside city of Kruja. This is the centre of Albanian resistance against the Turks. Our first stop is the Mount of Sarisaltik which sits at 1,300 meters above sea level for a panoramic view of the area.

We will visit the Skanderbeg Museum, where we will gain further insight into the history and culture of this part of the country. We will have the chance to explore the Old Bazaar for handmade goods, and to get a glimpse of everyday life in Kruja. We will spend the night here and experience a night of fine cuisine, dance, and music!  

Day 2

Today’s journey will take us the to most spectacular nature in Albania. After breakfast, we will drive to the lakeside city of Shkodra (roughly a two-hour drive). This welcoming town is one of the oldest in Europe and was the Illyrian capital, in the 3rd century BC. You will appreciate the stunning panoramic views from the Rozafa Castle or the distinct Italian vibe given through the pastel-painted buildings in the Old Town. 

From Shkodra we will hop on a ferry, which goes through the spectacular canyons of river Drin. The lake is created, after the construction of the dam of Koman, in the 80s We will continue along this beautiful route until we reach the picturesque town of Valbona nestled in the mountains, where we will stay overnight. 

Day 3

Waking up in Valbona is a treat. The fresh air and snowcapped mountains surrounding us are incredible. After breakfast, we will start our journey south to Tirana (roughly 6 hours). We will be breaking up this drive with stops at various sites and towns starting with Bajram Curri near the Kosovo border. 

Once in Tirana we will take in a few sites and enjoy the evening at leisure with delicious food and drinks. 

Days 4 & 5

We will spend the morning hours exploring more of the capital before making our way to the charming (and UNESCO protected) city of Berat (roughly 2-hour drive). Berat lies on the Ossum River and is particularly known for its Ottoman-style architecture and its beauty. UNESCO protects this historical centre as the town has been a place of coexistence between many cultures and religions since 4th century BC.

We’ll explore the upper castle with its characteristic houses and the museum of the icons. We will take in the medieval centre and beautiful Byzantine churches and old Ottoman mosques, also taking in frescoes from the Balkan area in the orthodox church. After a busy day, we’ll check into our hotel for some well-deserved rest, and enjoy a group meal of typical Albanian cuisine. For those up for it, we will explore the quaint nightlife scene in Berat, the main pedestrian-only avenues.

On day 5 we say goodbye to Albania. After an early breakfast, we will make our way to Tirana’s international airport for our PCR and departure. Everything is pre-organized for a hassle-free experience before getting on our flights back home.

What is included?

  1. Accommodation (sharing basis)
  2. Meals (except alcohol)
  3. Entrance tickets to all attractions
  4. English speaking local guide

What is excluded?

  1. Cost of visa and flight (see below recommended flights to purchase)
  2. Travel Insurance
  3. PCR test (USD 50)
  4. Tips for guide (budget around $10)

Flights & Visas:

We recommend FlyDubai schedule for this trip. Once booking is made we will send across flight details to book directly.

Currently flights cost AED 2,135 for return trip but this can change so we suggest booking them as early as possible.



Passengers with a valid residence permit issued by the United Arab Emirates can obtain a visa on arrival. We highly recommend that those nationalities that are not on the visa-free list contact the Albanian embassy directly to confirm that they can indeed get their visa on arrival with their UAE residency visa. You can contact the Albanian embassy in Abu Dhabi directly at +971 2 658 2505

Please contact hello@gopackme.com or whatsapp 0551796272 for more info.

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